Benefits of Disabled Parking Permits for People with Hidden Disabilities

It is accepted that people with disabilities need to get a preference for parking vehicles. Most people who apply for handicap parking permits have a physical disability, but it is more uncommon for people with hidden disabilities like dementia, autism, mental illness, etc., to apply for these permits. Even though persons with hidden disabilities can apply for a parking permit, some regulations need more clarity in both US and UK.

UK Issues New Guidelines for Parking by the Disabled

The Department of Transport in the UK has issued new guidelines for eligibility for disabled parking permits or blue badges. These include individuals who cannot undertake a journey without risking their health or safety or that of another person. Individuals who cannot travel without suffering significant psychological distress or persons who have trouble walking can also apply for a parking permit. If America chooses to follow UK’s lead, certain benefits are likely to accrue to people with hidden disabilities, and they may be eligible for a handicap parking permit.

Typical Benefits of Handicap Parking Permits

Better and easier access to parking: Individuals possessing disabled parking permits can go anywhere with parking facilities for the handicapped without worrying about what they will do after arrival. Without a permit, it is often so hard to get accessible parking that they prefer not visiting the place rather than undergo the difficulty and embarrassment of walking from the parking lot to their destination. Persons with disabled parking permits will be able to use parking facilities that are nearer and more convenient.

More independence: Persons who have the permission to use parking spaces reserved for the handicapped will be able to go anywhere they like as long as the destination has a designated parking facility identified with handicap signs for parking. These people will have more independence and therefore go to new places and broaden their environment. In addition to people with physical disabilities, persons with hidden disabilities will also be able to get involved with their community, attend their workplaces, and engage in activities of their choice, including pursuing their hobbies and interests and socializing with family and friends.

More convenience for parents of disabled children: Parents of children afflicted with hidden disabilities like developmental disorders, autism, etc., find it difficult to take their children out due to a lack of adequate and convenient parking spaces. Armed with a disabled parking permit, they can park more conveniently and closer to their destination, which makes it easier for them to transport the child from the parking lot to the location. Because parents face less stress in parking their vehicles, they can engage with the child better, facilitating the family to function more healthily. According to Disability Care Center, you can approach your state’s DMV for a handicap parking permit.


In addition to the benefits of issuing parking permits to persons with disabilities, with more disabled people moving around freely, people will come to terms with the fact that disabled persons are a part of normal life. Society will learn to accept persons with disabilities deserve to be treated with kindness and consideration and should not be discriminated against.

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