Advantages of breast augmentation surgery with teardrop shaped breast implants

1. Increase breast size, shape, volume, balance with the shape.

A teardrop-shaped prosthesis is designed to mimic the body’s organs. The breasts are therefore more beautiful and natural. Breast augmentation surgery เสริมหน้าอก must be balanced with the shape. In addition to size, shape and volume must also be taken into account when combining the three elements. confidence in being women will increase

2. Less side effects

The teardrop shaped prosthesis looks like a woman’s original breast. After the surgery, there is a small gap between the breast implant and the breast. Problems with breast prosthesis, dislocation or fascia therefore less than a spherical breast sac

Who is breast augmentation surgery with teardrop shaped breast implants suitable for?

The distance between the chest and the base of the breast is less

People with less distance between the nipple and the base of the breast will not have enough space to put a large circular prosthesis bag. The chest will push up too high. and seen as a double edge at the base of the breast Teardrop-shaped prosthesis will help reduce the problem of high chest. Both the lower chest also had volumes. Can protect the breast form a double edge at the base of the breast.

high chest

Usually, the distance between the collarbone and the nipple is 18-22 centimeters. If the position of the nipple is higher The insertion of a round prosthesis will push the breasts even higher. This makes it impossible to increase the size of the breast augmentation to be as large as you want. A teardrop-shaped prosthesis is suitable in such cases, giving the breast volume and not being pushed too high.

Corrective surgery

Surgery to correct breast augmentation surgery that requires a change to a teardrop shaped breast implant, such as a high chest, looks unnatural. or in the case of using a flat prosthesis bag and then the fascia is tightened therefore had to change to a sandy texture If you want to increase the size but want to look natural, etc.

surgical wound location

Breast augmentation with teardrop shaped breast implants does not have a specific surgical wound location. It depends on the suitability of each person’s physical condition. If there is not enough space, the breast implant may not be able to fit. and if the space at the base of the breast is not enough Breast implants can also be severely deformed. therefore requires the expertise of a surgeon who operates

armpit surgical wound

It’s the most used method. The surgeon will make a 3-centimeter incision in the wrinkled area of ​​the armpit. Then fold the prosthesis bag into the incision. The wound is a longitudinal fold along the fold under the armpit. After 6 months of surgery, the scar is almost invisible.

Surgical wound on the birthmark

It is a very commonly used method for breast augmentation in combination with the correction of large birthmarks from breastfeeding or very sagging breasts. The wound is at the edge of the birthmark. Therefore, it is possible to correct, reduce the size of the birthmark and insert a prosthesis bag at the same time. The breast will look more beautiful in one operation.

Surgical incision at the base of the breast

The doctor will make a 3-centimeter incision at the base of the breast. This method can check the position of the prosthesis immediately. Therefore, it can create space for various types of artificial breast bags. and can be inserted

Independent breast augmentation surgery

Refers to a surgical procedure that creates space for the breast implant to move with the movement of the body. by creating more space from the area for inserting breast implants in basic breast augmentation surgery If the free space is too small or cannot be retained by any means. This will result in the shape of the chest like an inverted cup inserted into it. because the free space is not enough. The chest therefore looks solid and does not move with the movement of the body. Independent breast augmentation surgery is therefore a basic method of breast augmentation surgery.

The prosthesis bag has space to move. When sleeping, I feel that my chest is flat when moving my body. The artificial breast sac will also move, such as the sensation of the breasts pounding when running, etc.

Types of breast implants for breast augmentation surgery

Classified according to the substances contained in the breast implant bag

Saline. A breast implant that holds saline inside. It has the advantage of being able to control the size according to the amount of saline added. But there is a disadvantage that over time the saline will gradually leak out, making the breasts smaller and not as soft as natural breasts.

Silicone gel breast implants are the most commonly used in breast augmentation surgery nowadays. It is a silicone in the form of geladin that adheres well to each other, so even if the artificial breast bag is broken. But the silicone gel will not deform. Silicone gel bags are not very rigid in shape. Therefore, it is suitable for people who are thin or have thin skin. because it can be used to augment the breasts naturally

Classified according to the shape of the breast implant

Sphere is round and convex in the middle. When added to the chest will make the chest look volume both above and below. When standing up, gravity pulls the prosthesis down slightly. look natural

Tear-shaped, thin at the top and thick at the bottom, like a drop of water. Makes the shape of the bust look plump at the bottom. The end of the tank is slightly raised up into a beautiful curve.

Breast augmentation has to be within your own size and proportions first so that the breast augmentation is most suitable and good for you.

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