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How to Turn Your House into a Funhouse

Do you feel you’ve hit a slow patch? That nothing provides you with joy and entertainment and that you want something to bring more excitement to your life?

The most important question is – have you got some spare change to invest in your own fulfillment?

If the answer to the questions above is yes, this article is perfect for you. Together, we’ll explore some solutions that’ll make your and your family’s life that much more exciting and exhilarating, as well as provide you with countless happy memories and moments.

A virtual reality room

The plain old reality is kind of falling behind the virtual one. In a matter of years, it could be the case that we spend most of our time in a simulated version of the world.

This isn’t completely the case just yet, but that’s no reason not to invest in a room dedicated to the virtual experience

The room scale virtual experience is the best and most unadulterated way to enjoy VR. You don’t have to be afraid of bumping into things, you can set up a safe space that is virtual ready. You won’t have to move furniture, hook up cables or consoles, instead just put your headset on and enjoy the ride.

Your virtual reality room will make you the talk of the town and people will start flocking over to try out the new technology. And the best part is – it will only get better as the tech develops.

Get a pool

Nothing creates memories quite like a pool. Your kids will be eternally grateful, they’ll get much more exercise in, and they will cherish the hot summer moments for the rest of their lives.

Installing a pool is no easy task. You’ll need to find a flat surface, excavate a big hole, carefully install steel reinforcements, concrete the walls and floor, waterproof them with tiles, and install a water pump and a filtration system.

However, if you do decide to make this move, it will not only bring you and your family joy and elevate your party hosting game to a whole other level, it will increase your property value by a much larger amount than you’ve paid for it. Think of it as a double investment – both in the fun and joy you’ll get from your home, as well as a financial one. 

Start a garden

In today’s day and age, we’ve all become accustomed to having all our groceries available to us at the drop of a hat. The supermarket is right there. However, things are slowly starting to turn around and people are realizing that having a garden can bring so many benefits in your life.

First of all, you’ll be in control of the produce that you and your family eat. That is an invaluable investment, knowing that your food is the cleanest and healthiest it can be. Second, you can gain access to produce that isn’t readily available at stores.

On top of that, one of the most important aspects is the fun and recreation a garden can provide you. It’s incredibly satisfying to see something you’ve planted grow and flourish. You’ll spend a lot more time outside. You’ll get to exercise both your body and your creativity, as the garden design and layout will allow you to express yourself.

If you have a yard and spare love and time to invest, a garden is the best step you can take.

Build a home theater

Aren’t you tired of staring at screens all day? Even a large screen in your den can get tiring, let alone a laptop screen playing Netflix in your bed. A true movie fiend deserves the best environment for their watching pleasure.

If you’ve got some spare change and want to add fun sauce to your life, there’s nothing cooler than a home theater. A home theater is literally hours upon hours of fun at your fingertips and is the ultimate vanity room you can install in your home.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a suitable location for your home movie theater, isolated from the rest of your home. A room at least 12 feet wide and 20 feet long. You’ll need a projector, a surround sound system, dimmable lighting, a canvas and a snack machine.

Here’s the catch – if you want your home theater to create the immersive experience of a real one, you need to get your sound in order. So, home theater acoustic panels are what you’ll need to get and install.

Build a fire pit

Here’s another fun, outdoor type thing you can do – build a grill and fire pit. Combine this idea with a pool and you’ll never have a dull moment in your life.

Nothing beats a cookout with friends and family, and a fire pit is relatively easy and cheap to build and install.

It really doesn’t take much effort, know-how, or tools to build a firepit. You can do it on your own – that’ll add to the value of your home, as well as provide a challenge.

Fire pits usually have a gravel base dug six inches into the ground. On top of that, you’ll need to build a circle of blocks. Add capstone on top and a steel campfire ring on the sides and there you have it! A perfect centerpiece for a perfect garden party or get together.


There’s a whole host of things you can do to increase the fun factor of your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment and customize these ideas to your own taste. 

Find a hobby you like and create a dedicated room for it – when you do that, the whole experience is elevated to another level and the entertainment value of your home will skyrocket. 

Remember, the fun is not in the objects, products and technologies you acquire – it’s in the moments you share with your loved ones. That’s what truly counts and will certainly bring more fun to your life.

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