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Great Color And Finish Suggestions When Hiring Kitchen Cabinet Painters

If you’re looking to improve the look of your kitchen, hiring kitchen cabinet painters for an update is a highly affordable option. Cabinets add so much character and flavor to a kitchen, so simply redoing their paint can do a lot to change the overall feel of the room.

That just leaves the question: what should your new cabinets look like? A good painting contractor can help you decide, but it’s best to have a clear vision before you hire painters. Thegreatthingaboutrepaintingyourcabinetsisthatyouhavesomanyoptions.Theycouldmatchtherestofthekitchen’spaintanddecor,orstandouttoaddasplashofcolortotheroom.It’shardtogowronghere.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for how to pick colors and finishes for your cabinets.

Choosing A Great New Look With Kitchen Cabinet Painters

1 – Timeless white

Kitchen trends come and go, but the white kitchen is eternal. It might seem a bit basic, but it’s a look that truly never needs updating. White cabinetry offset with black, bronze, or copper handles and trim will look great any time, any year.

If you’re thinking of selling in the near future, this can also be a nice selling point for buyers. A white kitchen is open to interpretation and gives them a lot of options in what to do with it.

2 – Contrasting islands

Not every piece in a kitchen has to ‘match.’ One trend we’ve seen is taking a kitchen island and giving its cabinets a significantly different look and feel from the rest of the kitchen, so it stands out.

This is particularly nice if you have an open floor plan where the kitchen and dining room aren’t separated. The island can sit between them, forming a stylistic bridge between the two areas. For example, if your kitchen is white, but you have brown hardwood for your dining set, a white island counter with brown/wood cabinets connects the two spaces.

3 – Distressed looks add personality

A lot of people are turned off by how sterile a typical home can look, especially recent construction, so we’re seeing people look at deliberately-distressed paint jobs. This works well with older color schemes, such as what you might find in a midcentury home. It helps give the kitchen a cozy lived-in feel, even if the home is only a few years old.

(Plus, midcentury styles in general are coming back in a big way.)

4 – Hidden colors

This one is so much fun. Start with a fairly neutral exterior color for your cabinets – like white, grey, or black – but then give the cabinet’s interior an intense primary or secondary color. It creates a wonderful effect every time a cabinet is opened, revealing a splash of color. The effect really doesn’t get old, no matter how often you open and close the cabinets, and your guests should love it.

These are just a few ideas – what do you want your kitchen cabinets to look like?

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