Few Things to Know Before Setting a Laundry Room

Whether you want to skip the trip to the laundry service or plan a new laundry area at your home, setting one needs careful thought and planning. It needs a lot of consideration in selecting the right materials, equipment, storage, and layout, making it overwhelming.

Planning mishaps account for home floods or fires. You have to ensure everything is done safely and properly. So here are a few things you should know:

Choose sturdy materials.

You have to choose materials that are sturdy and resilient. Cabinets and countertops should withstand steam and moisture in the laundry room. If you are used to the basement floor, it is better to upgrade it to tiles. Tiles cope better with moisture and steam.

Plan out the room size.

It is frustrating that aside from the washer and dryer, you need a counter and sink. If you have a small room, you must maximize the counter space and storage to accommodate its functionality. Choose a compact size for your washer, dryer, countertop, cabinet, and sink to have a decent laundry room.

Inspect the room flooring.

You have to look at the room and take inspiration from the shop and locations of laundry pickup and delivery. Every laundry shop only uses waterproof or easy-to-clean in case there are spills. Dirt floors may not be sufficient to cater for the needs of your washer and dryer.

Consider Ventilation

Most traditional placements for dryers and washers are adjacent to an external wall. Proper ventilation is important to prevent fires, but if you cannot have this setup, you have to consider it. A laundry room without ventilation is prone to developing molds or catching fire.

If a heat-pump dryer is in the budget, you can have one. It is the most efficient type of dryer that does not need venting, making it suitable for laundry rooms in a small apartment or the middle of the house.


You cannot expect washers and dryers to be silent. Even the best and newest models for washers and dryers make some noise. If your laundry room is next to a leisure, work, or study room, you must think about suppressing the noise inside the area with a wallboard to dampen the noise and vibration.

Choose the right washer and dryer.

This is not the last but one of the primary things to know when setting up a startup laundry service. You have to choose the right washer and dryer. Although there may be several options and features to choose from for its performance and value, you have to choose the one that can cater to your needs. Do not forget to consider the room size and noise.

Final Thoughts

It is great to have your laundry room at home. You do not have to visit the nearest laundry shop. If you have a clear idea about what you need for your laundry room, you know where to find the specific needs that you can cater into the design.

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