Facts You Should Know About Carpet

Carpet is a textile floor covering. Traditionally, the pile of a carpet is made from wool, but more modern manufacturers use synthetic fibers, which are less expensive and just as beautiful. If you are considering a new floor covering, here are some facts you should know about carpet. This article will explain the differences between carpets and other types of flooring and what makes them so unique. Also, we’ll cover the types of carpet available in the market.

Polyester: Previously known as olefin, polyester is a solution-dyed synthetic fiber with good physical properties. It’s also water and stain-resistant, making it a great choice for indoor/outdoor carpeting. However, its low resilience makes it vulnerable to soiling and oil based stains. This fiber is also not very resilient, so it is often used for low-pile carpets. Berber carpets, for instance, are made of polypropylene.

In addition to pile height, carpets can be characterized by their texture and color. The pile height of a carpet is the distance between the primary backing and the tips of the yarn. This is expressed as a decimal, but is often displayed as a fraction. Generally, the higher the pile height, the better. Besides, a rug can last up to 20 years when properly maintained. So if you’re planning on installing a carpet in a high-traffic room, it’s important to think about how it’s going to be used.

The basic performance and appearance of a carpet depends on the type of fiber used. Typically, this fiber is soft, with a textured feel and noise-suppression qualities. There are five main categories of fiber: plush, loop, and Berber. These types are best suited for rooms with heavy traffic and high footfall. The type of yarn you choose will depend on the use and traffic in the room. Lastly, the type of rugs you buy will affect the color and durability of the carpet.

The pile height of a carpet is the length of the yarns from the primary backing to the tips. Normally, the longer the pile height of a carpet, the more expensive it will be. But short pile heights of a rug are still acceptable, but a longer pile height is better for high-traffic areas. The stitch rate of a carpet is the number of penetrations per inch, and is a measure of how closely the yarns are stitched.

A carpet’s basic performance and look is determined by the type of fiber. The most common type of fiber is polyester. The other major category is cotton, which is the most durable of all. Both types have different density. The pile heights of a carpet are measured in millimeters. A high-quality carpet should also be stain-resistant. If the fibers are too short, it may be necessary to make the carpet more durable.

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