Why Street Furniture is Important for Public Spaces

Public spaces are an important part of any city or town. They are areas where people can gather and interact, as well as a place for activities and events. Street furniture is a key component of these spaces. From benches and bus stops to bike racks and newsstands, there are many different types of street furniture that can enhance the look and feel of a city or town. Quite often the presence or absence of street furniture can have a massive influence on how a town or city is perceived by both visitors and residents alike.

You probably haven’t given street furniture much thought, or maybe you don’t even know what it is. Street furniture can enhance public spaces in many different ways. It can add to the aesthetic appeal of an area, as well as being functional. So, for the uninitiated, we have put together a list of some of the different types of street furniture you should know about!


When walking around any town you are sure to see lots of outdoor cedar bench scattered around the place. Now we say scattered, however, these benches will have been placed there strategically not only to help with the aesthetic appeal but also to provide visitors and residents with somewhere to rest or just do some people watching. Benches not only help with the appearance of a town or city centre but are also very functional.

Bus Stops

Is a bus stop really a piece of street furniture, you bet it is. Not only do they provide travellers with shelter from sun, rain, wind or snow but they also let people know where they need to go when catching a bus. While they are something we probably take for granted especially in big cities, bus shelters perform an important function in any town.


Bollards are an important type of street furniture. They serve as a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians, and they can also be used to mark the edge of a pavement or parking area. Bollards are often used in conjunction with other types of street furniture, such as benches, bus stops, and bike racks. They can enhance public spaces by helping to keep pedestrians safe and by providing a visual cue to help people navigate the area. Bollards can also be decorative, and they can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are an important type of street furniture. They provide a place for people to safely and securely park their bicycles, and they also help to keep the streets clean. Bike racks are a great way to encourage people to use bicycles as a mode of transportation, and they can also help to reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, bike racks can help to promote healthy living by encouraging people to get active.

Telephone Boxes

Telephone boxes or kiosks were at one time to be found on every street corner and are probably thought of as iconic pieces of street furniture. However, due to the fact that most people now own a mobile phone the good old telephone box has become somewhat redundant. However, there is something quite reassuring about the sight of a red telephone box on the corner of your street. So for me while no longer an essential communication tool they are still aesthetically pleasing and a nod to times gone by.

So, there are five pieces of street furniture you will probably see every day, there are many others such as post boxes, traffic lights, memorials, public statues and streetlamps. Hopefully, this article will have given you some food for thought when it comes to the benefits of street furniture.

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