What Is a Brushed Finish and Why Might You Want One?

There are many materials to choose from for wallplates and even more colors and finishes. But one finish that’s become quite popular in the last couple of years is a brushed finish. What does a brushed finish look like, and why might you want a wallplate that has this kind of finish? Keep reading to find out.

What Material Does It Apply To?

A brushed finish can only be achieved on metal. However, it can be done with just about every metal out there. This allows consumers to still choose from various colors and materials since many different metals can be used to create wallplates. This can include steel, nickel, brass, bronze, copper, etc. A brushed finish can be applied to any of these.

What Does It Look Like?

A brushed finish on metal has a dull polish to it. Rather than being shiny and reflective, it has a more matte appearance, with fine scratch-like marks all over the surface. However, this does not make that plate look worn out or damaged. Rather, it creates a more subtle, sophisticated look than a high-shine metal might be able to pull off. Though the metal doesn’t reflect light, it still retains some of its luster.

How Is It Done?

Instead of being polished to a shine, the metal plate is polished using a fine-bristled brush on a belt or wheel. The brushed look is created through the use of friction. The belt or wheel moves in the same direction, creating even marks in a single direction. Then, the look is softened using a greaseless compound or non-woven abrasive belt or pad. This leaves the metal with a dull, matte sheen on the plate.

What Are the Benefits?

So why would you opt for brushed wallplates instead of polished metal wallplates? Ultimately, it really comes down to taste and your decorating style preferences. A high-shine might be exactly what you want if you want a more modern look. However, if you want something a bit more subtle that blends well with almost any décor, a brushed look may be more your style. Brushed plates also benefit from hiding smudges, fingerprints, and scratch marks much more quickly than polished metal. You should keep these benefits in mind, but find the wallplate switches that work best for your style and your personal preferences when it comes down to it.


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