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Types of Peel and Stick Shower Tiles

There are many types of peel and stick shower tiles, but what’s the best choice for your shower? Here are a few tips for making accurate cuts:

Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles are a revolutionary type of self-adhesive bathroom tile that can be installed without the need for glue and grout. Because they’re self-adhesive, you can install them right over the surface of your existing tile. Unlike traditional tiles, Smart Tiles are very easy to install. And because they require no adhesive or grout, you can install them as many times as you want. The tiles feature a gel-O component that adds an appealing 3-dimensional effect to the surface.

Before you start, you should ensure that the wall is clean and dry. Invest in a box cutter to make accurate cuts. The box cutter should be used with a straight edge and ruler. Once the box cutter is on the tile, press it firmly to make a clean cut. This article is produced in partnership with Smart Tiles and The Home Depot. Although the author received compensation for the creation of this article, all opinions are his or her own.


Hexagon peel and stick shower tiles offer a unique, geometric look in a stylish format. The hexagons, which are arranged like a grid, have a dynamic yet sober style, and the color choices are endless. You can pair these tiles with virtually any color, including white and black. White on white designs visually expand small spaces. But if you prefer a more modern look, choose a darker color for your walls.

Peel and stick tile systems are easy to install and don’t require any skilled labour. If you’ve already installed tiles in your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about them slipping around – simply peel and stick. These tiles are easy to cut, and are designed to go over old ones without removing grout and existing tiles. Rather than spending a small fortune on expensive tiles, you can simply peel them off the old ones and replace them with a new set.


The new generation of shower tiles is bringing traditional Mexican designs to your bathroom. With this new technology, you can choose between different tile patterns, colors, and even designs. Unlike traditional tile installation, which requires grout to stay in place, you can use Art3d peel and stick shower tiles to create a completely different look. You can choose between different tiles, including those with ceramic, glass, and metal-clad designs.

The light 3D mosaic tile is made from an adhesive substrate and epoxy resin. It offers spectacular visual impact with a thin, easy-to-clean surface. It is also very durable and does not crack or peel over time. It is an economical wall covering material. Because it does not need grout, Art3d shower tiles are an ideal choice for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. It also comes in veracious collections to fit any bathroom style.


Whether you want a modern look or a classic style, mosaic tiles are the perfect choice for your bathroom. The tiles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns and can add visual interest to any bathroom. Mosaic tiles are also easy to clean and require no special installation skills. Mosaic tile can be easily repositioned and moved, so you can easily update your bathroom without any hassles.

Mosaic tiles can be installed easily on any smooth, dry surface. Their unique adhesive has excellent grip. Mosaic tiles can be installed over wallpaper, gypsum, or smooth ceramic tile backsplash. These tiles can also be installed over mirrors and other textured surfaces. Mosaic tiles are a great choice for shower walls, as they can be used to accent existing tile or create a unique look.

Black marble

Using black marble peel and stick shower tiles in your bathroom will give your shower a luxurious look. The stone is a beautiful and timeless choice that creates an impressive visual impact. Its modern style and rich look will create a seamless statement in any room. This versatile material is easy to clean and maintain. It comes in sets of four tiles, and can be cut with a utility knife or scissors. It is waterproof and heat resistant, making it a perfect choice for any bathroom.


These tiles have a glossy finish, giving them a look similar to real marble. They are usually two or three times thicker than ordinary peel and stick tiles, making them more durable and suitable for bathroom and shower backsplash decor. These tiles can be used on the shower walls, as well, as they are not easily bent. However, they may not be suitable for shower floors, so it’s important to use a thicker tile for them.

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