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Take Care with Kitchen Marble Countertops

It is easy to be captivated by the appearance of marble countertops especially when you see them in a glossy magazine, on a social media website or on some TV show. Often people make the decision to have them in their own homes drawn by the lustre, elegance and natural veining. But the fact is marble slabs Wall NJ are not suitable for everyone. For kitchens that have a lot of traffic and children, marble might not be the best choice. This is also the case if you are a busy person who does not have time to clean and maintain the marble as it needs. Marble looks great, but it needs people to look after it, here is a closer look.

Why marble needs more care and attention

The fact is marble is not as hard as other natural stones like granite. It is porous and soft, that is why it is a good material to create art with. But that nature means it dents, cuts, scratches, and stains a lot easier too. With marble countertops Wall NJ if they are handled carelessly you will quickly have a surface that looks nothing like what you bought. There are finishes you can use on the marble that make it less prone to problems, and there are things you can do as the owner to help. Your installer can offer you some tips you should listen to as well.

Tips on looking after your marble countertops

Here are some tips on protecting the countertops and on cleaning them.

Preservation tips;

  • If you spill something on your marble slabs Wall NJ clean it up straight away, especially with things that stain and acidic foods and drinks. Blot the spill using a paper towel then flush it with mild soap and water. Then rinse a few times and wipe with a soft cloth to dry.
  • Be sure to place coasters beneath any coffee mugs, glasses, cups and such and be especially careful of things that stain and are acidic like juices or red wine.
  • It is a very strong recommendation to use trivets and hot pads when using marble kitchen countertops.

Cleaning tips;

  • When rinsing the surface change the water often so it is not dirty and does not cause staining.
  • Only use a mild soap on it with warm water, or use a marble cleaner, it does not do well with harsh chemicals.
  • After washing be sure to rinse and then dry with a cloth that is non-abrasive.
  • Be wary of spills and act straight away otherwise, they can etch into the surface of the countertop.


Marble countertops Wall NJ should be handled by expert installers to ensure they are not damaged during the remodelling and are placed correctly. They can offer advice on what products to avoid but things that are acidic like lemon, ammonia and vinegar are included in that. You should not use any scourers either. While marble is beautiful it requires care. If you are too busy for that or just not interested in the extra work it is best to find another material.

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