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Recording Music from Home? Top Tips for Musicians

For many musicians, music is their life. They breathe, eat, and live music. Musicians also need to record their sounds if they want to become well-known. Whether they are famous or just starting as a musician, it can be costly to rent a recording studio. Technology has reached a point where this is no longer completely necessary, and even the most beginner singer or songwriter can do their own recording from a comfy room at home.

Music recording equipment has also become more affordable recently because of the growing need for artists to be able to record their music remotely. Interested in learning some easy ways to make home recording more accessible? These tips will have to excited to start in no time.

Rent Out Equipment

Sounds a bit backward if you want to use your equipment to record. But when you start building a recording studio at home, you might only be able to afford the basic essential items in the beginning. If you start renting out your equipment, you can make some additional income from home to fund the purchase of better speakers and microphones.

Approach schools and event management companies that use audio and visual equipment regularly. You could build up a large enough client base to eventually pay for an exclusive at-home recording studio. Take out insurance on your equipment for any unforeseen events though. The last thing you want is to have to purchase new stuff because someone was careless.

Utilise the Available Space Efficiently

You will want a separate and closed-off room. You can’t record acoustics the right way if there are other environmental disturbances. You will also need a few big items that will take up a lot of space. Plan your studio layout before you start setting up. Think about ways that you can use the space more effectively, such as stacking speakers on top of one another.

Other equipment that will take up too much room is midi controllers and recording devices like microphones and a digital audio workstation. Instead, look for a good music production laptop that can install the software that can offer these same recording features. The latest collection of Lenovo’s music production workstations comes with enough RAM and processing power to operate even the most complicated recording software programs.

Experiment with Room Acoustics

The idea of a recording studio is to record sound that properly captures the artist’s voice and words. Even the best singer’s voice won’t sound good if there is too much echo from the walls, or their voice is reflected. Once you have chosen a room to set up, move around every corner and test the acoustics.

Switch the recorder on and speak into the microphone. Listen carefully to the acoustics of the room and how your voice sounds in different spots. There are some useful apps online that you can download to test this, but often your ears will do a good enough job. Wherever it sounds best, that is where you need to set up your microphones.

Recording from home as a musician can give you that extra edge as an artist looking to hone your talents. Even with a little bit of start-up cash, you can master your sound without having to rent out a professional studio.

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