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Looking for a Gisborne Builder

Building a house is a huge decision and then takes a lot more decisions, money and time along the way! There is a lot more work, planning and dedication needed to this process than to buy a pre-existing house. It has a lot of advantages though, getting the features you want, the location you want, even the way the house faces. You can be involved in every detail and process, the home will be yours far more than any other house. Once you have decided to build a home one of the first factors is what home builder, Macedon Ranges or where you are, you want to use.

What to look for in a builder you can trust

There are a lot of builders and handyman outfits out there offering their services. So taking a bit of time to narrow down the options is a good idea. Do they come recommended, are they skilled, trained and licensed, and are they easy to work with? Here are some other things to consider.

  • What experience do they have? Finding an experienced Gisborne builder plays a big factor in how well the project goes and the quality of the work at every stage. With an experienced builder who has handled new home builds you can have more confidence that they know what they are doing and that they have the resources it requires.
  • What kind of reputation do they have? A builder’s reputation is everything. It is how they get more work and any reputable builder will be very focused on doing a good job so that every client is happy and writes good reviews and recommends them to people they know. Can they give you references to call to talk to former customers? What do online reviews say?
  • Are they a real business with professionals? Only deal with builders who are professional, licensed, qualified and genuine. There are some who are not, and they are often the ones who take the money and abandon projects, use shoddy materials, do poor work and overspend. Your builder should also have the right insurance and offer a warranty on their work.
  • Do they have a good record with past customers? When you contact references and look at reviews of a home builder Macedon Ranges what do they say? Are they positive, were they good at communicating, were they on time and so on?
  • Can you see previous and current projects? Take a look at photos on their website, visit sites and current projects, drive past houses they built in the past. Get a good sense of what they can offer.


When it comes to building a new home it makes sense to focus on any Gisborne builder and make sure they can deliver on what they promise. You are investing a lot of money in this project so you should make sure you choose the right people so it is a success.

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