How to Fix Low Water Pressure when you have a Well System

If you have chosen to live in a remote location or simply want to be off-grid then your best option for water is a well. This is one of the reasons wells have become so popular across the country.

In most cases, the well works extremely effectively. Once the well has been built water is pumped to the surface and can be tested then treated or treated and then tested. Once this has been done the water can be used in the same way as any other water from the faucet.

Most homes use a pump system to connect the well to their home water pipes and ensure they have running water in the home.

However, one common issue that people with wells have is low water pressure.

What Causes Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is frustrating, it gives you a poor shower and may even stop various appliances from working properly. There are several reasons why you may have low water pressure.

  • Blockage

If there is a blockage in the pipe this will decrease the water flow as the water struggles to get past the blockage. The available water then fills the space on the other side of a partial blockage and flows out of your faucet. But, it doesn’t have the pressure it normally does;

Fortunately, you can invest in a drain camera and inspect the inside of your pipes. Any blockage can be quickly resolved and your water pressure will be restored.

  • Excess water use

Your water pump brings up a certain amount of water per minute. If this water comes out of one faucet it will be at full power. But, if you have multiple faucets open then the water will be going to several different places, effectively lowering the available water and reducing the water pressure.

You may need to restrict the usage of appliances or increase the flow from your well by upgrading the pump, provided the well can handle it.

  • Droughts

Well, water is water that is deep within the earth but it is still part of the water cycle. Therefore, if there is an extended drought there won’t be enough water going into the earth to keep the well water supply at the pressure it currently is. This translates as less water being brought to the surface, effectively reducing the pressure in your home.

It’s a sign that the drought is severe and your well could even dry up.

You may need to drill the well deeper to boost the supply of water.

  • Pump issues

Of course, there may be nothing wrong with the water supply, the issue could be the pump which is no longer working as it should be.

This can often be due to a sediment build-up in the pump. Flushing it can cure the issue. It could also be a sign your pump is reaching the end of its life and needs to be replaced. It’s worth being aware of this possibility.

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