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How to Efficiently Renovate Your Small Bathroom

Since owning a huge house is mostly unaffordable for half of the population, the idea of incorporating minimalism into house planning has become famous. And today, many millennials prefer unconventional small houses over traditional ones. 

If you’ve been holding off on renovating your small bathroom because the project seems too daunting, we understand. The good news is that it’s not as difficult as it seems, and there are plenty of ways to make a small bathroom look stylish without creating a huge expense or taking up a lot of time.

When it comes to redesigning and home improvement, small spaces seem challenging to give a little glam up, especially the bathroom. And if that is your problem, here are a few tips on how to renovate your small space efficiently.

Know First Who Are Going to Use the Bathroom

In making little to huge bathroom upgrades, the first thing homeowners should consider is the “who” and “why”. Who for “who is going to use the bathroom”’, and What for “what features and fixtures do they need to enhance their bathroom experience”. Here are a few essential tips to guide you.

  • For Children: Small type of bathroom is entirely not suitable for kids since children like to incorporate play every time they bathe. As a solution, make sure to get a standalone bathtub. Standalone bathroom tubs are preferable for tiny spaces. More importantly, check the floors. It is better to use rough-surface tiles to avoid accidents such as slipping.
  • For Elders: Elders need extra care and attention. And when it comes to using bathrooms, it should be a convenient and comfortable experience for them. Hence, it is essential to add features that can aid them such as grab bars, lower counters, bidet toilet seat, and rough-surface flooring. This way, it will keep the bath space from being a prone-accident area.
  • For Guests: For a guest-only bathroom, it is not an issue whether the fixtures are expensive or not; instead, keep it simple and functional. 

Bathroom Vanities and Equipment

Giving your bathroom the right equipment and aesthetically pleasing design is also necessary. So before you start your yearly home improvement ritual, make sure to list down all the bathroom vanities and fixtures you need. Things like painting the walls, installing floor covering, and adding extra storage and wall shelves. Moreover, if you think this is quite a difficult task for you, consider hiring an expert.

Here are some key pieces that every good bathroom needs:

  • Make sure you have a lot of towel space in your bathroom.

You can install towel rails or hooks for this purpose. This will allow you to dry your towels and also hang them up if you want to use them again later on. If you do not have adequate space for drying towels, then they will get damp over time and this can lead to the growth of bacteria and other germs on them. By having a lot of space for drying your towels, you will be able to keep them clean at all times.

  • Custom Glass Shower doors

One of the most essential parts of a bathroom is the shower door. The shower door, with its elegant and classy look, can be an excellent way to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Taking a shower should be an experience that is relaxing and enjoyable. Taking a shower should be an experience that you enjoy and look forward to every day. You should not dread taking a shower because it might be in a room that you do not like.

Bathrooms in many homes are  commonly outdated, or they are not decorated in a way that makes the homeowner feel comfortable and relaxed. Adding frameless glass shower doors to your bathroom can go a long way toward making your bathroom more functional and enjoyable. If you want to add a modern and stylish feel to your bathroom, you can also have selections for custom shower door designs that match your taste. It is amazing how much difference a good-looking glass can make in the appearance of any room!

  • Bidet Toilet Combos.

These babies let you experience the best of both worlds when it comes to functionality and design. A combination of an actual toilet bowl with a toilet bidet seat resulting in optimal bathroom luxury.

Don’t forget Electrical and Plumbing

If taking care of the “outside” necessities is required, it is also vital to take care of the “inside” necessities of the bath space such as electrical and plumbing. These things are especially crucial for your tubs, sinks, toilet, and bidet. However, for tasks like this, it is best to hire a professional electrician and plumber to avoid errors that may cause you and your family a future inconvenience.

Ask for a Help

Not all can flawlessly and adequately do things needed for a bathroom renovation. In this situation, it is better to talk to a professional first or hire one to ensure quality results. Hiring a professional is also excellent if your schedule is a bit tight for DIY bathroom upgrades.

Home improvement is not just a luxury to beautify your house and to please your senses. Treating your home with a little upgrade now and then is an efficient way to maintain its beauty, durability, and overall function to improve every household’s daily life— even if your space is not that huge.

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