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Great Bathroom Remodel Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

The bathroom is one of the most commonly renovated spaces in the house, and when done right, the process can deliver a fantastic return on investment. Whether you’re looking to go for a complete remodel or just a modest update, take a look at this list of amazing ideas you can use to give new life to your beloved bathroom.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the options are truly endless. From new tiles to updated fixtures, there are countless ways to create a space that feels both functional and luxurious. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, consider checking out Houston home remodeling services offered by Home Remedy. With their expertise in bathroom renovations, they can help you turn your vision into a reality.

Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2022

Much like it is with all renovations, bathroom trends have been changing periodically from one era to the next. Although some classic solutions have remained popular for years, if you are looking to jump into a remodelling project, it is smart to be aware of the most popular trends available today. The current year still celebrates Art Deco as one of the dominant styles, welcoming its geometric shapes and clean lines, and the use of chrome, marble and large mirrors. The prevailing colour palette leans towards natural shades, with a strong tendency towards building contrast with bold details such as black hardware. Moreover, today’s bathroom trends revolve around sustainability, with the intention to incorporate eco-friendly solutions that reduce energy waste.

Amazing Renovation Ideas You Can Use

Now that you learned more about the top bathroom trends for the season, it’s time to check out some creative ideas you can use for your next project:

Install a Walk-In Shower

There aren’t many amenities that add more luxury to the bathroom than the way a spacious walk-in shower does. Also, besides the obvious visual appeal, walk-in showers are also more accessible, and they’re even easier to clean than traditional ones. Walk-in showers are a perfect contemporary design solution for both large bathrooms and small ones since they can make the room feel more open, and if you happen to have any senior members of the family visiting, its ideal for them too. Not only do they look great, but new showers are available from various brands that are energy efficient, meaning that you’ll save money in the long term as well

Add Eye-Catching Tiles

Putting some thought into the selection of the right tiles is one of the activities that can give you the best return after the project is done. If you pick a set of tiles that is too bland, you are likely to regret it after a while. Take some time to explore artistic wall tile designs with a dash of colour or interesting patterns. Starting the renovation with the right eye-catching tiles can instantly convert the look of the entire room, and also give you a solid basis for the rest of the project, helping you define the style of the other elements. Also, if you are open to more unconventional ideas, consider adding a unique vibe to the space by tiling a feature wall in the room.

Get a Bidet

Keeping just a basic toilet seat in the bathroom is now an outdated idea, and more and more people put the effort into this upgrade by adding smart features like heated seats, self-cleaning, and automatic flushing. However, according to today’s trends, you can go one step further by installing a bidet. Not only will a bidet improve your own comfort and the ease of cleaning, it is also far more environmentally friendly when it comes to reducing your toilet paper use. Using a bidet also reduces the chance of clogging and other plumbing issues that can occasionally arise. In case you do not have enough room for a separate bidet, you can get a more budget-friendly solution in the form of an all-in-one toilet seat.

Invest In a Statement Bathtub

Another amazing way to revamp the space is to steer clear of the old-fashioned idea of a wall-attached bathtub and replace it with a modern standalone statement tub. Bringing a spacious, luxurious bathtub into the room will not only transform the visual appeal of the bathroom but will also help you create a lovely, spa-like space where you can relax after a long day. Freestanding bathtubs are timeless pieces, much more elegant than traditional ones, and they are also easier to reface which makes them a smart investment in the long run.

Enhance the Lighting

If your bathroom lighting is limited to simple vanity bulbs, there is definitely more you can do to enlighten the space and facilitate your personal routine in front of the mirror at the same time. Options like ambient fixtures, accent lighting, or even shower lighting can do wonders for the room, making it much more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition to high-quality fixtures, allowing natural light to enter the room is a sure way to maximize the intensity of the lighting which will make the room feel larger and more sophisticated. If there is a chance to include a window, that is definitely something you should consider.

Removing outdated elements and giving a fresh, contemporary look to the bathroom can affect the appearance of your entire home. Now that you’ve found some inspiration through our list of creative design solutions, you are ready to tackle the remodelling process and finally get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

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