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Five Common Roof Problems in Florida Weather and Climates

Florida’s extreme weather can range from intensely hot summers and torrential hurricane season. Florida’s homes are subject to severe weather conditions each year, resulting in roof damage that can range from minor repairs to major structural damage. These harsh elements can cause roof damage that is minor to major.

These are five roofing issues that can be caused by Florida storms and climates. Professional roofers should address them.

Common Storm Damage to Florida

While a sudden occurrence of roof damage may be possible, most roofing problems are caused by regular wear and tear. Florida storms and climates can cause common roofing problems.

  1. Water pooling – Clogged gutters and torrential rain can allow water on rooftops to pool. Sitting water on the roof can cause the roof sagging and rot. A well-designed roof and unclogged gutters will help redirect water runoff away.
  2. Shingle damage – Reduced uplift resistance, shingle blowoffs, tenting and billowing can all be caused by heavy winds. These problems should be dealt with immediately, as they could lead to interior leaks.
  3. Leakage – Every storm weakens your roof, creating or exposing weak spots. Leaks, mold, mildew, and broken shingles are all possible with exposed underlayment and broken shingles.
  4. Weak spots – Heavy rain, hail, branches, and other debris can also smack into your roof, creating weak spots or punctures in your roofing. This damage can cause serious roof problems, including potential roof collapse and dangerous leaks.
  5. Concerns regarding the underlayment – High winds can blow away shingles, but they can also cause damage to the underlayment. It wouldn’t take much more debris to cause serious roofing problems.

It doesn’t matter if or when roof damage occurs due to the harsh Florida weather. Roofing.co is the right choice if your home has been the victim of storm damage in Florida.

Trust Roofing.co to Fix Your Weather-Related Roof Problems

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