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Bathroom Renovation Planning

One of the most used rooms in a home is the bathroom. It is where you clean, groom and pamper yourself, and even relax if home-life is permitting! With any sized family comes a high volume of usage, and is the key reason why the bathroom requires decoration and renovation sooner than the rest of your house – same might also be said for your kitchen. But when it comes to renovation plumbing Perth, be sure to hire licensed and qualified professionals to assist you. Here is a look at planning your renovation project.

How to recognise the best time to renovate

1) Entering a room makes you tense or unhappy

If you feel negative thoughts or emotions when walking into a room, given its drab appearance, then this is a good sign that renovation is due. Whether it’s just one particular item that requires rejuvenation, such as a mouldy shower, or if a full-scale renovation is needed, new changes can help you feel better about the room.

2) You are moving and want to sell quickly

Buyers are picky when it comes to bathrooms. Sometimes prospects are scared off if your bathroom is dated and needs a lot of work. You can also add value to your home with a great bathroom and kitchen using residential plumbers near me.

3) It is not safe to use anymore

Health and safety are more than a good reason to renovate! If the flooring is causing you and others to trip, or if black mould has started growing, then a renovation is definitely due – unequivocally so.

4) The decor is old

If you have a bathroom that has changed very little for the last 30 or even 15 years, then renovation and rejuvenation can help breathe life into the room and your overall home.

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Exploring trends and areas of improvement

Bath shape – When planning renovation plumbing Perth, you will see there are different bathtub styles, shapes and sizes so you need to consider what best suits your needs and the layout of the room.

Softer edges are trending over hard – There was a time when the trend was to have straight lines and hard edges but that is changed and soft lines are more popular now. Think about curved storage units, vanities and even shower stalls!

Toilet designs – There is a lot of choice when it comes to toilet designs and they can accommodate different needs, heights, ages and disabilities. Think about what would look best in your bathroom layout.


When you are looking for residential plumbers near me for bathroom renovations, one of the important things to consider is making sure the damp environment does not damage renovation work and cause mould to grow. Having ventilation in the form of a window and extractor fan is important. Also, make sure your practical needs are met. A bathroom needs storage space so that you can put things away and have them close to hand when the time calls.

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