6 Expert Tips When Moving House in Australia

Moving house in Australia can be fun and stress-free. This is possible if you’d plan properly and work with the right people But how does one even begin to plan a task that involves a thousand other mini tasks? Well, we got you covered. We talked to moving experts in the country and we’re here to dish out premium tips and information to make moving easy and hassle-free. In this post, we’d share insider data on the following:

  • moving tips
  • importance of inventory
  • importance of choosing the best moving truck for your move
  • changing your mailing address
  • changing your utility provider
  • packing tips
  • packing for the truck transfer
  • places to donate furniture and clothes   

Moving is particularly tricky because we learned nothing of it in school. None of us even trained or attended a seminar on moving. So don’t feel too bad if you feel overwhelmed or drained. You just have to take it one step at a time and closely follow our insider tips. You can do it!

5 Expert Tips When Moving House in Australia

Expert #1: You should have an inventory.

99% of the reason why you panic easily and feel way too overwhelmed is that you don’t feel in control. This is the case because daily life is hard enough, add moving and things get all too complicated. The best way to deal with this is to find a way for order to set in. The easiest way to do this is to make an inventory. An inventory will make things 300% easier for you because you’d get to help your brain. Everything that you need to organize and take note of will be clearly remembered and attended to when you put things in writing. You should have an inventory together with a master checklist. Your inventory should include the following:

  • all items that you intend to bring
  • all the instruction manuals, chargers, and wires that come with your electric gadgets and appliances
  • all items that will be placed in self-storage

Expert #2: The importance of your moving truck.

Your moving truck of choice should be able to effortlessly accommodate all your needs. This is why you need to ensure that you choose properly. You should take your time in choosing the right one. Take to heart the fact that your moving truck of choice will be handling your belongings. You should only ever work with a competent and experienced company. You can only ever choose properly if you exactly know what you need. How to know what you need? Return to your checklist and inventory. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my timeline?
  • What is my preferred date for the move?
  • How much am I bringing with me?

Only work with a moving truck that can accommodate your schedule and can easily transport all your items.

Expert #3: Pack wisely.

Packing is easily the most draining part of moving savefromnet. It is both physically and psychologically draining. This is because you get to have a life review and look back against your own volition. This happens naturally because you get to remember everything about every item you’d get to organize. And that is simply draining! This is why you should do this at a slow, organized, and intentional pace. Experts find it easier to pack when they do the following:

  • invest in different kinds of boxes for different kinds of items
  • schedule packing on a daily basis
  • avoid packing everything in just a day
  • packing in just a day will lead to panic and stress and can result in you forgetting and even damaging items
  • have wrappers for delicate items
  • pack on a room-to-room basis for easy unpacking

Expert #4: Arrange for your future utility provider and duly change your mailing address.

Doing this early will remove all the unnecessary stress and discomfort. You would want to start anew immediately after your move and this is only possible if the place you’re moving into is already duly set up with all utility providers. You will also easily avoid issues if you would duly change your address ahead of time. Before setting up a new utility provider though, you should first contact your current utility provider. Such should be done at least two weeks before your actual move. You should request your current utility providers to still leave all services 48 hours after your move. On the other hand, you should ask your future utility providers to already turn all services on 48 hours before your arrival. When changing your address, you should follow the guideline that your state provides. You should endeavor to first contact the Australian Electoral Commission.

Expert #5: Donate your goods.

You will have an easier moving experience if you will be bringing less with you. You should donate clothes and furniture that you no longer need. You could donate your clothes to the following:

  • Red Cross Australia
  • The 2nd Life Project
  • Save the Children
  • Salvation Army Australia
  • Fitted for Work
  • Dress for Success
  • The Uniform Exchange
  • Clothing Clean Up
  • King Cotton Australia
  • Clothesline

For non-clothing items, you can donate to the following:

  • Vincent De Paul
  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • Sacred Heart Mission
  • The Uplift Project
  • Asylum Seekers Centre
  • Close the Loop
  • MobileMuster

Expert #6: Have a dedicated box for your essentials.

For hassle-free unpacking and moving in, have a dedicated box for all your essential needs on your first night in your new place. It should include the following:

  • clothing
  • beddings
  • toiletries
  • food for your meals for the night or at least a week
  • snacks
  • medicines
  • daily essentials (for work, exercise,  hobbies, etc.)

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