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5 features that a hotel must offer to guests

“Ah ah ah I’m on vacation..”, “yeah! night out with friends’ ‘, “the wedding season is here”, “ugh, the homeless me!” or be it an “emergency office trip”, we just can’t escape our forever shelter – the hotel! bundlenews

We always expect some essentials to be provided by them. Let’s see what the hotel can offer to its homies:

1. Sanitation at its top

We all know that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ ‘ and who is our God? the Atithi! Who doesn’t like sanitation? Every corner has its worth, and yes! people do notice. Our washrooms are supposed to be the cleanest. If I was to choose anything synonymous with cleanliness I’ll go for plantation-the greenery. ‘A hotel in nature’s lap’.. how amazing it sounds! Or else we can grow tiny little potted plants, to make our stay rich in O2, inside and outside the hotel. Brooming and mopping the floor should be a daily routine, brushing the windows or curtains, also the availability of dustbins every meter could work as a cherry on the cake. And obviously, sanitation is a mutual understanding one must develop, a habit at no cost, and which is super beneficial to all.

2. Easy to land and takeoff

Yeah, that is check-in and check-out; the most important part of the hotel journey, just because it is going to be the first impression on the guest, so the hotel management staff can make this hectic task way too smooth! This is a familiar fact that all the steps involved in check-in, eg. booking confirmation, room allotments – which sometimes irritate the tired fellow! This issue can be resolved by online booking where we can particularly book the room that we sole heartedly wanted! no matter for what purpose, and there should be easy and fast check-in processors. Google maps are there for the correct reach towards the hotel, or some reference to popular buildings could be made there. Special care is to be given to physically disabled people. check-outs could rather be made by simply handing over the room keys, and settling of payment.

3. Safety-Security all round

We all keep security as the topmost priority. So in a strange city and a strange hotel, everyone needs good security. It is the hotel’s responsibility to keep it secure and maintain the decorum for the betterment of guests. The best way to secure all the areas of the hotel is CCTV and the hotel should be under surveillance. Appointment of a security officer who would walk and take rounds at regular intervals.

4. Comfy-friendly environment

It is the very hospitality of the hotel that one doesn’t find him lonesome. Staff members must be friendly enough during the conversations. Few joint sittings or an integration hub could be created at some corner for chilling and drinking purposes. Some wall paintings, architectural style, depiction of local culture, the beauty of nature, or display directions at the hotel might be a good source of entertainment and engagement for the guest.

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5. Free Internet Access

Technology in the 21st century has significantly developed, and the hospitality industry must not be out of this revolutionized technology age. Good hotels give their guests access to free or very affordable internet WiFi to ensure they stay connected to the digital world. Some guests might have virtual meetings to attend during their stay at hotels, or else they need to connect with the far-off world. Many modern travelers consider it essential when they change some air. tunai4d

Enjoy your hotel stays, Toodles!

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