Why Sell on Amazon FBA?

Are you planning to be an Amazon seller? You can start with Amazon FBA. Is it beneficial to establish a business on Amazon FBA? Yes. 50% of Amazon sellers earn $1,000 to $25,000 per month, which translates to $12,000 to $300,000 in yearly sales.Nearly a quarter (22%) of Amazon’s revenue, which increased from $386 billion in 2020 to a staggering $469 billion in 2021, comes from third-party vendors! 89% of those third-party merchants operate their Amazon business through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).Go now and sell on Amazon FBA, considering these amazing benefits:

 1. You get paid instantly per sale!

Amazon pays sellers on the basis of the number of items that they can sell. If you have a product that sells well, then you can easily make money. When someone buys something from you on Amazon, you receive payment instantly. You do not have to wait days or weeks before you get paid.

 2. No inventory costs

You do not need to worry about storing any inventory. When someone buys something from you, you ship it out immediately. There is no waiting period where you have to store your items until someone buys them.

  3.Low start-up cost

Setting up shop on Amazon is not expensive at all. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and some basic tools. You can even use free websites to help you set up your business.

  4. No minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order quantity to sell on Amazon. You can sell as little as 1 item. However, if you want to maximize your earnings, you should aim to sell between 10 and 100 items.

  5.Negligibleshipping fees

The primary benefit of FBA is a more affordable way to deliver your products to clients. Delivery items that are fulfilled by Amazon are less expensive since Amazon has negotiated substantial discounts with all the major shipping companies.Most Amazon sellers generate sales of at least $1,000 per month, and some super-sellers generate sales of over $100,000 per month.

If you are selling physical goods, you will probably incur some sort of shipping fee. But Amazon FBA doesnot charge any shipping fees. In fact, they deal with the shipping of your items.Your fees include the cost of shipping; there is no additional charge for Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping or for free shipping on qualifying goods. Every time you sell a product under the Individual plan, you are required to pay $0.99. There is a $39.99 monthly fee for the Professional plan, regardless of how many goods you sell.


In 2022, 20% of Amazon FBA sellers will make between $1,000 and $5,000, while 17% of all Amazon sellers would make less than $500 per month.Your sales will probably rise if you use FBA.Your search engine ranking will improve and your Amazon sales will increase if the graph showing your sales on Amazon is going up. Sellers who give their clients what they want are rewarded here. By 2021, there were about 150 million Amazon Prime members in the United States.There are 9.5 million Amazon sellers across the globe in 2022. Go now, and join the bandwagon!

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