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The main advantage of WatchSeries is the variety of content it offers. Its user-friendly navigation and built-in search function make it one of the best alternatives to the popular streaming website. The downside to using a proxy server is the barrage of ads it causes. Not only do these ads contain malware and adware, but they also leak your personal data to advertisers and hackers. On top of that, a proxy server will significantly slow down your internet speed and ruin your video-watching experience.

If you’re looking for a Watchseries alternative, you should try Sidereel. This website offers an extensive library of television shows. You can watch live TV shows and sports, or browse the library of movies and TV series. You can search for a show by genre or any other filter you want. If you’re looking for an old TV show, Sidereel has a search feature that will allow you to narrow down your results even further.

Besides being free, sWatchseries also features the largest content library, with more than a million TV shows listed. This site is specifically designed for TV shows and has almost every series from every genre, from classics to new releases. It also offers a number of regional hidden gems that you might not find on other sites. You can also subscribe to the latest updates and discover new series on the site. But be aware that it is still difficult to find the latest episodes.

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