Spotting the signs of bed bugs in your Austin home

For many Austin homeowners, dealing with pests is not unusual. Unfortunately, not many people seek professional help and assume that pests will magically disappear one fine day. Some pests are nastier than others. While bed bugs are not like termites causing damage to your wooden structures, these insects can be a nuisance at night. Companies like Stride Pest can help you fix the concern without much fuss and with all safety precautions in place. In this post, we are discussing the common signs of bed bugs in Austin homes.

  1. You have red spots on the skin that are itchy. Bed bugs survive on the blood of the host organism, and you may find red spots on your body when these insects have sucked blood. These bugs often thrive at night, which means that you may not see them in the daytime. Some people even have allergic reactions.
  2. You have bite marks in a single line. Unlike mosquitos that bite anywhere and everywhere, bed bug Staten Island bites are often in a straight line. If you have noticed the pattern, consider calling a reliable pest control service without delay.
  3. You can smell a strange odor. For the unversed, bed bugs release pheromones, which can cause a smell that’s often hard to describe. If you find such a musty odor in your rooms, it is a sign of infestation. Remember that bed bugs may be more common in the bedroom, but these insects will thrive anywhere they are likely to find hosts.
  4. You have stain marks on your sheets and clothes. If you end up rolling over bed bugs that have managed to suck considerable blood, you may end up killing them, which can cause stains on your sheets and clothes. These marks often look small and appear brownish in color. You may also find such marks on your mattress.
  5. You have found shells. The eggs laid by bed bugs appear like white husks, and you may also find shells on the bed and other furniture pieces. These are signs of an advanced infestation and should be inspected further.

If you have recently purchased second-hand furniture and have been seeing any of the symptoms above, it could be a sign that bed bugs have entered your home. Call a pest control service, get your home checked, and discuss all the possible treatment options you can consider, keeping all safety needs in place.

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