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Some Easy Steps to Clean Gutters with Gutter Guards

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Keeping your gutters clean is an essential part of home maintenance, and while it may seem like a difficult task, it can actually be quite straightforward, especially if your gutters are fitted with gutter guards. These guards can simplify the process, but they don’t make your gutters maintenance-free. Let’s go through some easy steps to clean gutters with gutter guards and how to get quality gutter guards and cleaning from professionals.

The Importance of Cleaning Gutters

Gutters perform a critical function in directing water away from your home’s foundation, preventing erosion, dampness, and structural damage. However, over time, leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog your gutters, preventing them from doing their job effectively. This can cause water to overflow and potentially cause damage to your home’s structure. Keeping them clean is important to your entire home, not just your roof.

Check the Type of Gutter Guards

Before getting started, it’s essential to check the type of gutter guards you have installed. Some are easily removable, while others are more permanent and require a specific technique to remove and replace. Knowing the type you have will determine the method you will use for cleaning.

Cleaning Gutters with Gutter Guards

Now, let’s get down to the step-by-step process of how to clean gutters with gutter guards.

  1. Get Someone to Help

This is not a one-person job. You’ll need someone to hold the ladder while you’re up there, passing you tools, and helping with the cleaning process. This is crucial not just for efficiency but also for safety purposes.

  1. Take off the Gutter Guards

Begin by removing the gutter guards. Depending on the type of guards you have, you may need a screwdriver or other tool. Be gentle to avoid causing any damage.

  1. Remove Debris

With the guards removed, you can now start cleaning out the gutters. Use a small trowel or your hands (wearing gloves, of course) to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris.

  1. Remove Clogs or Hard Build-Up

In some cases, debris can become compacted or stuck in the gutters. You can use a stiff brush to dislodge any hard build-up. Be careful not to damage the gutter with excessive force.

  1. Rinse Downspouts and Gutters with Water

After removing the debris, use a garden hose to rinse out the gutters and downspouts. This will not only help remove the last remnants of debris but also help you check whether there are any leaks or blockages in the downspouts.

  1. Replace the Guards

Once the gutters are clean and dry, it’s time to replace the guards. Make sure they are securely fastened to prevent any issues during heavy rainfall or wind.

Contact a Gutter Installation and Repair Company for Gutter Guards and Cleaning

While cleaning gutters with guards is relatively straightforward, it can be time-consuming and a little risky, especially for those uncomfortable with heights. If you feel the task is beyond your capabilities, or if you notice any damage or problems during the cleaning process, it might be best to call in the professionals. They can ensure the job is done correctly and safely and can also inspect your gutters for any issues that might require repair or replacement.

Get in touch with one today to get a quote for gutter guards and cleaning.

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