How To Fix AC Problems: 5 Common Issues

Like all electric devices, air conditioners require routine maintenance. Some smart devices alert you to maintenance concerns but keeping an eye on things yourself is also crucial. You’ll be able to identify possible issues and solve them rather than paying for an air conditioning repair


Here are five common problems with air conditioners.

  • Indoor Water Leak

Water leaks may occur because the system’s condensation drain becomes clogged by algae or fungus, which then causes the water to back up the pipe and leak into your home. Another explanation for this AC issue could be that your condensation pump has to be replaced since it has failed entirely.

Use a wet and dry vacuum to unclog the condensation pipe. Pour a vinegar solution down the drain line to destroy fungal or algae build-up. Consult the user handbook to determine the exact placement of the drain pipe in your machine.

  • Outdoor Water Leak

If there is a pool of water just beneath the air conditioner’s exterior compressor unit, there are several potential causes for this. Some of these include a dry air filter, a damaged condensate pan, a defective AC seal, or poor installation. 

You should turn off your air conditioner and disconnect the power supply as soon as you have determined the source of this AC problem. You might need to call a specialist if this problem is not resolved immediately since things could grow complicated.

  • Restricted Airflow

The clean, pollutant-free airflow is maintained in large part by the air conditioner filter. The airflow is restricted by a clogged air filter, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. Additionally, a filthy filter hinders the system’s capacity to adequately chill the air. 

Check the air filter and try cleaning it if you notice that the airflow from your air conditioner seems stuffy or blocked up. During peak seasons, you should clean your filter every two weeks and replace it every two months. Owners of pets should take additional care since pet hair makes them need more frequent changing.

  • Noises


There is an issue if you hear strange AC noises from your unit. Different sounds signify various problems. When there is a grinding noise, the compressor or motor has failed. The AC fan will generate clicking noises if there is an obstruction in it or if there is a problem with the capacitor. 

A refrigerant leak or too much moisture in your unit might cause a bubbling sound. Never overlook the AC noise problem; instead, get in touch with a qualified HVAC technician immediately. A professional will assist you in determining the meaning of the sound and resolving the underlying problem.

  • Smells

Smells are a dead giveaway for any problem. Mold development is the cause of an unpleasant odor coming from your air conditioner. Some electrical components may be burning inside the system, as indicated by a fire-like smell. A methyl mercaptan leakage, which is hazardous, gives off a gas smell.

Even a rotten egg odor may be coming from the appliance. Birds and insects that enter your system and perish might produce this strange odor. Give it a thorough cleaning to see if you can find and remove the smell. Always call a professional for repairs if there are any electrical or gas issues.

Solve Common Problems Yourself

Before or during high air conditioner usage periods, homes may experience some of these typical AC issues. To avoid larger air conditioner concerns, you must address these problems right away. With this updated knowledge of air conditioner issues, you can now securely evaluate these issues and address them as soon as possible.


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