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Cool Roofing Replacement and Repair

No one can deny that a cool roof is energy efficient for the hot weather to keep the inhabitants safe inside the house. But what if someone has doubts it is worth installing it? Before you install the roof, it is a must to determine what you want.

In this post, we have answered the question deeply so you can decide whether to install the cool roof or go for any other alternative.

Should I replace my roof with a cool roof?

No one can answer the question for you, but. However, some important things may help you to choose it. What are the cool roofs’ pricing, advantages, and disadvantages, and why should you install them? Let’s dig into finding them.

What is a cool roof?

A cool roof when installed by Koala Roofing Company is designed to keep you cool in the hot weather. The roof might include the single-ply membrane, the materials that help in cooling, or the tips and tricks to keep the inside’s temperature low. There are different kinds of cool roofs with distinct features. They range in different sizes with prices accordingly, so one cannot say that cool roofs are affordable. However, remember that some tips and tricks to maintain the home’s temperature are super affordable and energy efficient.

What is the cost of cool roofs?

The cost of cool roofs depends on several factors like material, size, and area of the more. The much more durable and energy-efficient material requires you to pay more. The same is the case with the size of the area. However, the professional Resolve Roofing team will guide you about the pricing and material’s efficiency so you can choose the best suits.

A study has shown that the values vary according to the type of roof material and the location. A cool roof requires an estimated 1.50 to 3.50 dollars per square foot. While if it is compared to traditional roofs, the value drops to zero cents in contrast to traditional roofs.

It is also observed that cool roofs are more energy efficient in cutting your electric bills. While in the case of traditional roofs, you have to spend on heaters and other heating necessities. So, is not installing cool roofs worth it? Well, take your time. There is much to know.

Advantages and disadvantages of installing cool roofs

Cool roofs are the best alternatives to electric heaters and other warm accessories, but what makes them more prominent than traditional roofs? A person should know the advantages and disadvantages of installing it so that he can better decide which to choose;


The cool roof provides several advantages, which include the following;

  • Cool roofs are great electric heaters alternatives and help to reduce the heat entering the house. It may help to reduce the deaths taken by heating in winter, which is why people should prefer it. A study shows that cool roofs do not allow the inhabitant to need heaters to protect themselves, adding to the number of accidental deaths reported in the year.
  • Cool roofs provide comfort to the inhabitants without spending much. They are energy efficient and endurable.
  • Installing cool roofs is the way to energy reservation which permits the outside cold into the house without using any energy.
  • Installing Cool roofs is an environmentally friendly way to reduce the emission of toxic gases, ultimately reducing air pollution.
  • Cool roofs are easy to install as compared to traditional roofs.
  • If you suffer from heat island effects, a cool roof is good for battling the effect. It will reduce the heat going inside and keep your neighbors comfortable.


Remember that cool roofs are only sometimes good to go. They also have some disadvantages that you should know;

  • For some house owners, replacing the existing roof with the new one might be distressing, especially in the case of recoating.
  • Cool roofs might lead to condensation due to hot, humid weather, which leads to leaks in the roof.
  • Reinstalling the cool roof over the roof might lead to algae and mold growth that ultimately cause damage to the roof.
  • If you have installed cool roofs in summer but what to do in winter that will cost you more heating inside?


Through our honest research, we put down the important information in the blog to answer your question, ‘should I replace my roof with a cool roof? The blog has enough material to help you decide whether it is worth installing the cool roof or leaving it. So we hope that the information mentioned will help you get comfortable in the hot weather.

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