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Buying a New Build vs Old House in St Albans: Which is Better?

Everyone with enough knowledge about the general real estate business knows what kind of variations it goes through every year. The reason can be anything from a supply crunch to the economic conditions of a particular state or country. Over the past decades, there has been a vast difference in property prices, especially in the UK. The reason is thousands of people moving into the country for employment purposes or other purposes. The roof-hitting demand for homes is forcing the government to come up with new developments in St Albans, Clapham, Battersea, Marylebone and other prominent parts of the UK. A portion of the crowd entering the UK and London would prefer looking out for off-plan or newly built homes to have a fresh start to their residence in the country. Others would stick to the periodic appeal, that the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian terraced homes have to offer. Struggling to choose between these two variants could seem daunting enough, but each type has its own perks and drawbacks. Sorting them out would give a clear idea for buyers and direct them toward the ideal option to settle in the long term. 


St Albans is one of the sought-after neighbourhoods in London, and the demand for this place grows with every passing year. Anybody residing for a long term in London or other neighbouring parts of the UK will eventually end up buying a property one day as renting is pretty expensive. However, people often get caught in a cloud of dilemma regarding property purchases. Housing options are endless, with buying and selling businesses taking place regularly. With the availability of both old and new builds across the state, people would find the best place for a home, even if it takes a good time. 



One of St Albans’ best properties located in notable parts of the city is old homes that were built a few years or decades back. Residents would not have the hassle of hunting for necessary amenities like shopping centres, grocery shops, boutiques, cafes and more. These homes carry history, and charm and are well-planned in all aspects. These types of homes can be negotiated down to a better price, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Most of the old homes also have an attached outer space, which cannot be found easily in new developments. 


Making a home of one’s own preferences would for sure entice the buyers. Customising it to their taste rather than adjusting with what they have is an attractive offer. When purchasing a new home in the UK with the help of st Albans estate agents, it comes with the latest electrical appliances and wiring. This brings in more efficiency and brings down the numbers on utility bills. Most new homes that are sold in recent times come along with a warranty and reliable insurance plans. It only needs a keen eye for people to identify the right neighbourhood and developers to set their hands on the right kind of property.


Despite all the Magic and comfort an old property provides, the name itself states the disadvantage of buying it- being old. Old homes come, along with old appliances, plumbing and heating systems some of which are irreplaceable or cause significant damage when changed. Similarly, most parts of the residence would wear out smoothly and might require frequent replacements. Several period homes would require careful maintenance, which would cost more than the usual methods, and the renovations are complex enough for any ordinary person to perform.

New-builds are nowhere close to period homes, which again, is the main drawback. There remains no uniqueness, and it would turn out to be just another house among a thousand others lined up in the neighbourhood. How much ever new the property is, not many of them are built with powerful features. These homes lose stability and strength in walls creating more hollow space. Booking off-plan abodes would take more time to completion, and the property completion date will only continue to get delayed. One cannot skillfully negotiate the process with the buyer for a new build. People might need deeper pockets to invest in a new home in the UK.


Advantages and disadvantages tag along in both types of properties. In the long run, any kind of damage or issue can occur in both types of properties. Considering the affordability factors, neighbourhood preferences, property size and more, you can proceed to buy any sort of property- old or new. Period homes and other pre-owned homes cannot be found anywhere and are a great asset. However, people trying to save more on energy and other unnecessary expenses would prefer inclining towards new builds, despite the minor hiccups that follow.

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