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Tips To Keep Your Drainage Running During Winter

The cold winter weather can freeze your drainage and flood your property. The last thing you want is to call in a plumber at midnight when you want to enjoy the warmth in your bed. Whether you have the best gravel for french drain or not, routine servicing and repairs are necessary for good drainage.

1. Invest in French drain system

Melting snow and heavy rains can flood your yard. Consequently, the puddles can flow toward the house and compromise the foundation. The french drain system is one of the best ways to keep water away from the foundation and maintain your home dry.

French system creates a gentle slope away from the yard, allowing the water to drain from the raised part of the ground to a lower one.  Fix a hollow perforated drainage pipe to carry water from the yard to a designated location, such as a municipal sewer line.

2. Find your stop valve

The stop valve located under the kitchen sink corrodes over long use. Therefore, conduct routine assessments often during cold seasons. Confirm that it is in working condition and replace or repair it to enhance performance.

3. Regularly flush water down the drains

Food particles and grime will often solidify in the kitchen sink, causing a blockage. It is critical to flush hot water down the drain after cleaning the sink. The hot water melts all grime, grease and oil and prevents it from lining the water pipes. Failure to flush your kitchen drain with hot water creates a nasty solid mass that prevents water from flowing into the main line.

4. Insulate pipes and water reservoirs

Foam pudding is one of the most effective ways of insulating pipes and tanks. The insulation keeps the heat trapped inside and reduces the risk of freezing. Frozen water expands and asserts pressure on the pipes, causing them to crack.  You can consult a professional plumber about the best insulation for your locality for the best results.

5. Clear manholes and outdoor drains

It is critical to clean manholes and outside drains before the beginning of the wet season. Twigs, leaves, debris and other waste often collect and accumulate in the drains. The clutter will likely block the drain pipes if not cleaned before winter. Consequently, your maintenance and repair cost rise because you need plumbing services to clear the drainage.

6. Clean the gutters

Leaves, twigs and debris accumulate on the gutters over a long time. When debris clogs your gutters, rain/snow water accumulates on the roof, consequently flooding the home.

7. Unclog all drains in the home

Every homeowner must prepare for winter by inspecting all drains inside and outside the home before winter. Remove any dirt and debris to clear the pipes of any possible blockage. Preparation for winter saves you the trouble of calling emergency plumbing services.


It is a great idea to prepare for the freezing season in winter. The drains require frequent cleaning, clearing and maintenance to ensure your home is free from flooding and leakages. The other most effective way is to embrace the french draining system.

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