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How Often Should You Get Your Home Inspected For Termites?

Since termites are seldom observed–or possibly never seen–the ordinary homeowner believes his or her house is termite-free. The unfortunate reality is that many homes are infested with termites, and the homeowners have no knowledge that their most valuable asset is deteriorating.

Even if you are convinced your home is free of termites, you should get a VA termite inspection at least once a year. Read on to find out why.

The Importance of Annual Termite Inspections

Regardless of whether you live in an old home or one built within the last few years, your home needs to be regularly checked for termites. Despite the cost, you cannot afford to skip your yearly termite inspection. If termites are living in your home but you are unaware of their existence, you’ll wind up paying a far higher price for costly repairs later on. Getting assistance for pest control in Melbourne will save you time and money.

Your worst-case scenario is a termite infection that leads to the demolition of your home’s structural foundation. Even though modern homes are less likely to be invaded by termites than older homes, it’s still a good idea to get an expert assessment. Your new house may be constructed right on top of termite mounds or a full termite colony. Unless a professional examination is performed, you will have no idea.

The Benefits of an Annual Termite Inspection

Aside from the fact that it will alert you to the existence of these pesky pests, there are a slew of other reasons to arrange an annual termite inspection. If you stick to a yearly termite inspection schedule, it will be much simpler to list your property for big bucks when the time comes to sell. Just make sure to keep track of each termite examination and treatment so you can show that you did your bit in keeping the home termite-free. An annual termite check would also give you much-needed peace of mind. You can relax knowing that your house is no longer infested with termites.

Make No Attempt at a Do-It-Yourself Annual Termite Inspection

Too many people mistakenly believe that they can detect termites themselves. Some even use termiticides to treat the soil in their yard. This type of DIY treatment is usually useless since it does not guarantee the complete eradication of termite colonies, only the limited area of treatment. Any do-it-yourself termite inspection or remediation is a bad idea; this is a task for experts only.

A thorough termite inspection by expert pest controllers who know what else to check for will identify the termite infestation and indicate the degree of damage. This comprehensive examination paves the way for the eventual eradication of these nasty pests.

Professional Termite Inspections: An Inside Look

A skilled termite inspection thoroughly examines your home for evidence of termite infestation. Though you may be aware of the best known indications of termites, the termite inspection crew is well-versed in the less obvious signs that termites are present.

If you give pest inspection for VA Loan the opportunity to examine your building for termites annually, you’re far more likely to spot early indicators of termites, devise an extermination strategy, and carry it out flawlessly.

You risk allowing termites to gnaw away at your home’s underlying foundation if you wait too many years to get an inspection. Repairing the damage will be far more expensive. If your home has been severely eaten by termites, you may need to repair anything from a small portion to the entire structure. The best option is to pay the lowest amount possible for qualified annual termite examinations, nip your termite issue in the bud as soon as possible, and move forward with complete confidence that your residence is termite-free.

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