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A Complete Guide to Bathroom Renovation Ideas For 2023

With so many areas to focus on in the space, bathroom remodeling can be an exciting experience. The options for creating the perfect bathroom space are endless. From adding simple accents such as plants to replacing all the tilework in your shower, you can completely transform the look of your bathroom. Follow these tips for bathroom remodeling ideas.

Freestanding Tubs

This is a classic and timeless choice for many homeowners. As the centerpiece of a bathroom, a large, freestanding tub will never go out of style. These tubs can either be placed alone or combined with other accessories that will help amplify the look and feel, such as a waterfall faucet. For a vintage aesthetic, you can look into getting a classic clawfoot tub for your bathroom.

Monochrome Color Palette

One of the trendiest renovation ideas for bathrooms this year is monochrome color schemes. This style emphasizes one color in a space and can involve anything from larger pieces like tile or smaller focuses such as bathroom decor. Use different shades of the same color to add variety to your space. A few popular colors to choose from are white, gray, and light or pale blue. Adding wallpaper or tile patterns can also transform your space. Bathroom remodeling contractors in VA are experts at perfecting this design trend.

Touchless Taps 

This technology makes it easy to control water pressure and temperature. Touchless faucets are a great technology as they are both safe and hygienic. Give your bathroom a sophisticated look with this piece of hardware. Some touchless faucets come with integrated technology that allows you to control temperature, sound waves, or lighting with just a touch.


Including real plants and greenery in your bathroom can transform your space. Bring the outdoors inside and create a peaceful atmosphere that makes you feel refreshed after every shower. When you add natural materials such as a bamboo countertop or stone tile, you add warmth and texture to your bathroom.

Certain plants such as eucalyptus are not only pleasing to the eye but have many healing properties to them and are recommended by experts to place in your bathroom for aromatics when showering.

Unique Wall Decor

This can include anything from patterned wallpaper, tile motifs, or scenic murals which can brighten up a space. These allow for a dramatic focal point in your bathroom. Go with a landscape scene to bring the outdoors inside or abstract art for a modern and sleek look.

LED Mirror Lighting

This is a great option for you if you are making the push toward an energy-efficient home. LED vanity lighting is cost-effective and acts as a great statement in a bathroom. Your bathroom will be illuminated and the light will highlight accents in the bathroom. This is an easy and wallet-friendly way to update the look of your bathroom.

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