6 Benefits to Your Mental Health When Your Home Is Clean

Americans suffer with a variety of mental health concerns, and while what causes them is often unique to the individual, there are ways to help reduce their impact which can work in the same way for everyone.

While you might not ordinarily associate cleaning with helping you feel better mentally (and it might not work for someone with a chronic disorder), there’s plenty of proof to support the fact that performing household chores regularly can bring some benefits to your mental health. Here are 6 ways in which you and your your mental health could benefit from a clean home:

1. Less stress

Studies have shown that people who keep their homes clean are generally more relaxed and happier than those who have cluttered, untidy homes. Untidy homes can also breed germs, and if we’re feeling healthy because our home has no germs or allergens, we’re far more likely to feel better mentally, too.

2. More productivity

If you’re feeling distracted by all the cleaning jobs you haven’t done, you’re far more likely to be less productive in your life in general. Dust, dirt and clutter affect your concentration and detract from your positive energy, so to be more productive, establish a daily house cleaning routine and keep your home as clean as possible.

3. Peace of mind

Some say that cleaning is equal to practising meditation, and that the entire process of cleaning helps you learn to focus, which in turn, helps to enrich your mind and give you a deep sense of relaxation.

4. Family unity

Fights between family members or housemates over cleaning within the home, aren’t uncommon, but with a proper cleaning schedule in place, arguments and tension can be kept to a minimum, benefitting the mental health of everyone in the home.

For a home that’s always clean and tidy and to prevent arguments over the cleaning from ever happening, you can hire a cleaning service. If the home should ever get particularly dirty or untidy, you can ask the cleaning team to make an extra visit, or come more frequently.

5. Social confidence

Entertaining at home typically means having a clean home, otherwise guests won’t leave with a favorable impression and may not want to return! With a clean and tidy home, you can proudly entertain and show guests around your home, which doesn’t just make them enjoy their time with you more, but also makes you feel more comfortable and confident in their presence.

Got a dinner party coming up but hate the thought of all that deep cleaning you’ll need to do first? Hire a cleaning company to blitz the place either as a one-off, or on a more permanent basis.

6. Mental and physical wellbeing

While a clean home can make you feel more relaxed and reduce anxiety, the actual physical act of cleaning will also produce endorphins which make you feel good, plus you get a cardio boost which will work wonders for your physical wellbeing.

Want to reap the benefits of a clean home but don’t have the time or energy to devote to daily household chores? Hire a cleaning company and get that relaxed, confident feeling without any of the effort.

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